Dry and sensitive skin makes it very difficult to find the ‘right’ product. Something that doesn’t cause irritation and has the ability to relieve dryness of the Sahara Desert! I’m always on a lookout for such products. But this time, I didn’t have to search for a magical product, it came walking to  me itself.

My cousin received a few ‘testers’, and one of them happened to be BIODERMA Hydrabio Serum. Since she doesn’t have dry skin, she gave me the tiny 5 ml tube. (I’ve tried the BIODERMA Sensibio H2O makeup remover for sensitive skin and I LOVED it! So giving this new product a try didn’t seem like a scary idea). Here are a few basic product details before I dive into how I ‘feel’ about it.


WHICH SKIN TYPE CAN USE IT: For people with sensitive and very dehydrated skin

WHEN TO APPLY: Apply in morning and/ or evening on face and neck after cleansing.

The first time I applied this product, I cleansed my face and applied more than a pea sized amount and patted it all over my face. Since it’s a serum, it took less than 10 seconds to absorb within the skin. It gave my face a smooth feeling and it didn’t feel dry at all. I was surprised because more than often it takes more than a pea sized amount of facial moisturizer to relieve any dryness. So this serum seemed to be a good solution to my “dry skin spells”. It leaves the skin feeling softer and moisturized without a heavy greasy feeling. This seems like the perfect serum to apply before makeup and foundation routine to avoid a dry patchy and caked up look. So for all those makeup lovers with dry and sensitive skin, make sure you do a test patch before making this your ‘go to product’. When I applied this serum before any makeup, I found the finished look much more refined and smooth.

The serum had a stable and almost ‘transparent gel like texture‘, it didn’t drip or ooze out of the bottle. Even though it was a tester, the packaging seemed great as usual since their bottles are sturdy and close to ‘unbreakable’. I’d say for 5 ml, it had enough amount for me to use quite a few times. Another thing I liked was that it didn’t smell like a bouquet of roses or tub of peppermint! There wasn’t a strong fragrance at all and the packaging had a white and blue colour scheme. No irritation, acne or itchiness experienced. Everyone reacts differently to products so please do a test patch, however this one seemed suitable for my skin type.

Does it work? Yes! It hydrates without leaving any greasy oily film on my face. It seeps easily into pores.

Will I be buying this product? Definitely, yes! Their Hydrabio range seems to be promising line for those with dry and sensitive skin, but I can’t pass my verdict till I try out the other products.

Are there any cons? I just wish the tester was a bit bigger *winks*

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Love H-



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