As we get older, the skin begins to show signs of aging. Lots of products, ingredients and herbs help maintain the skin. I stumbled across Eveline White Prestige 4D Night Cream a year ago and it’s a good product! Before this I’d never heard of the brand and since I was on the lookout for a night time moisturizer, I thought hey what the heck, might as well try it.  Let’s get down to the usual nitty gritty details.

WHAT IS IT: Eveline White Prestige 4D Night Cream

WHICH SKIN TYPE CAN USE IT: Typically dry skin and/or uneven skin tone.

WHEN TO APPLY: Night time (however I like applying it in the daytime too before sunblock)


The front in English


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During the summers, I make sure to incorporate this night cream in my routine. It has “hyaluronic acid” which gives the skin a supple and soft touch. I usually apply two finger tips of this cream to my entire face and lower chin area till the neck. It’s very moisturizing, but if your skin is oily or prone to acne, I’d suggest you start with a small patch test, because its moisturizing properties could be a little too much. If it causes any clogged pores or breakouts, please discontinue using it. Maybe you could use it as a hand cream instead :).  It claims to have advanced ingredients such as “LumiSkin”, that  “delays the synthesis of melanin which accumulates in hyperpigmented areas, lightens complexion,  and prevents development of new dark spots”. This could be a helpful product to even out skin tone, tackle sunspots or maybe even minor melasma in the long run.  Apart from this it contains “Argan Oil” which has a “soothing effect” and “Lipomoist” which “prevents water loss” from the skin. I guess it could be a good starter for those in their early twenties looking for an affordable night cream that targets dry skin.

Since any kind of makeup usually dries out my skin, I have to use lots of moisturizer before applying anything at all! Eveline 4D is great to wear under makeup, it prevented any flakiness or dryness.


It has a smooth creamy texture

The cream is soft, lightweight and white in colour. It comes in a jar, so you have to ‘dip and sip’ for your skin. There’s a thin foil that covers the jar when you open it. Eveline 4D easily spreads and sinks in the skin, without having to tap or rub too much. Even though my skin feels hydrated after application, if I use too much it leaves my skin feeling slightly oily. But that’s bearable for my dry skin. The jar contains 50 ml of creamy goodness. The ceramic glass jar is a bit heavy and the silver cap barely weighs at all, but it’s still not a hassle to carry in my bag. I would just be careful not to drop it on any hard marble floor. It has a slight fragrance to it, but not too strong. No irritation and no breakouts. Everyone reacts differently to products, so please do a patch test before using it, especially if you have oily and/or acne prone skin.

Does it work? I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s a good product but it’s not a ‘miracle’ cream. If you’re looking to get rid of pigmentation and dry skin in a week, then this cream won’t be doing that. However, it’s a good night cream to give your face a nice glow in the morning and it does gradually reduce the appearance of pigmentation a little bit. However you need to use it continuously to see even a tiny bit of difference. It makes the skin more presentable by hydrating it and giving it a nice radiant glow. It seems like a reasonable product for my everyday skin routine. I do switch products depending on weather and skin requirements. But I always  come back to Eveline 4D because it hydrates without breaking me out, and also slightly reduces the appearance of pigmentation. It’s a go to product if you want fresh skin in the morning!

Will I be buying this product again? Yes, yes, yes! I’ve already bought three jars and will carry it around whenever I travel. I already have a spare jar sitting beside me 😉

Are there any cons? Not really, EXCEPT it would be great if companies stopped adding parfum” or any fragrances. This makes it more user friendly for people with sensitive skin. Fragrances also increase chances of sun sensitivity. It’s just a little request out there to skincare companies :). Apart from this, if the potency and/or combination of ingredients was strong enough to effectively (meaning faster results) tackle hyper pigmentation, I’d be much happier with Eveline 4D.

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Additional update: Due to an allergy from some other lotion, (I’ve briefly menitoned it in this post ), I’m currently taking a break from Eveline 4D Night Cream. Thought I should let you guys know. It’s not a part of my current routine nowadays.


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