Sun protection is important, that’s what most dermatologists have been saying over the years. One day I was chatting with my esthetician Sameen Haroon, and she suggested that I should give Fenix sunscreen a try. I was already using Shiseido, Obagi and Vichy in my routine, but since I trust her advice, I gave it a go. The active ingredients zinc oxide (10%) caught my eye, and I knew I wanted to try this product. I’d never heard of Fenix cosmetics before this, and in case you’re curious about it, here’s the link to their website:

Let me add, I’m still using it till present day 🙂


It has SPF 30+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum

WHAT IS IT: Fenix Sunscreen SPF 30+ with microplex 7 zinc oxide UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum

WHICH SKIN TYPE CAN USE IT: It worked very well on dry sensitive skin, and didn’t break me out even when I accidentally slept in it once… However, my esthetician said it was good for oily skin too. I’d still recommend a patch test because everyone’s skin reacts differently.

WHEN TO APPLY: At least 15 minutes before going out, or any exposure to the sun. ‘Reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying, at least every two hours’. I usually quote whatever the product directions are in this section 🙂

Sorry about the picture quality :( , but if you zoom in, zinc oxide is an "active ingredient".

Sorry about the picture quality 🙁 , but if you zoom in, zinc oxide is an “active ingredient”.

I fell in love with this product a few minutes after application. After cleansing and moisturization, I use an ample amount, (bigger than a dime and thumb measurement: basically a huge blob smeared all over my face hehehe) and apply it all over my face, neck and ears. It has an oddly sweet smell and leaves a white cast. The white cast sinks into the skin and becomes less obvious within the next 20-30 minutes or so. Glides easily onto skin, without being too oily or dry. It works especially well on ‘my’ dry and sensitive skin and left a smooth and silky feeling. Since I’m particular about using the right amount of sunscreen to make it fully effective, I use a liberal amount and softly blend and tap it on my face. After letting it sit a while, I make sure any white smudges or streaks are properly mixed into the pores. If you’re worried about a white cast, then make sure you wait half an hour to let it settle in the skin. But like most sunscreens, it will leave a sheen or shine. Speaking in the long run and using this sunscreen for the past few months, it hasn’t caused any breakouts and has prevented any further pigmentation. I’ve observed a considerable improvement in skin tone and texture because this sunscreen has been given good protection (even when I was using glycolic acid in my routine). It has numerous extracts with additional benefits (such as hydration and cell renewal assistance) in the ingredients, here’s a link that will summarize its benefits:

Fenix blob

The packaging is light blue (almost baby blue colour) and sturdy plastic. It’s very travel friendly because there’s no possibility of leakage (unless you decide to burst the tube), and I can easily slip it into my bag before leaving the house. In my experience, it’s gentle and smooth on the skin. Many times my skin was feeling sensitive and Fenix sunscreen had a soothing effect on it. I’d particularly use it after laser hair removal sessions, and it calmed my skin and gave it proper protection too. The tube is 100 mL/3.4 fl.oz and easily responds to any pressure applied, which means you can pour and dab as much sunscreen as you want (remember, with sunscreens, ‘more is less’, so the more it is, the better it is!). With the incorporation of different serums, cleansers and this sunscreen, I’ve seen reduction in pigmentation. If you’re looking for a sunscreen that helps you achieve even skin tone, then maybe you should try Fenix!

I like their packaging, the tube is travel-friendly!

I like their packaging, the tube is travel-friendly!

Does it work? Yes, I’ve seen it work for me. It suited my skin type. Even after adding new cleansers, lotions and serums (with and without glycolic acid) in my routine, I saw a steady improvement skin texture and prevention of further pigmentation. On days, where my skin felt too sensitive, it really helped soothe my skin and caused no irritation or breakouts.

Will I be buying this product again? Yes, yes, yes!

Are there any cons? Not for me. I liked the product, its finishing and the way it has protected my skin. I wish there were more details on PPD UVA rating with American and European sunscreens.

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