I know that it’s hard to resist all those tempting promises and labels on skin products. It’s like a magical land of brands and ingredients that lure you into the beneficial miracles of skincare. I’ll stop with the entire rainbow land descriptive imagery now and tell you guys what I’m really talking about.

Being a skincare junkie isn’t easy, the obsessive reading, and product breakthroughs make it difficult to resist spending cash on a new product that has been successful in test trials. The next thing you know, bloggers are raving about it and Instagram is spammed with pictures of happy faces posing with this new product. You can feel your hands itching to go on Amazon and placing an order. If you’re lucky enough to live in a country that has most of these skincare brands, you’ll probably pop into the store tomorrow and buy it. But that’s what reviews are useful for, and here’s why patience is a virtue. Before investing in any skincare product, I’ve realized it’s best to wait a while after the hype dies down, go and read up some blog reviews that seem authentic and aren’t endorsed by the product company itself. Don’t forget to see how it worked for their skin type and the ingredients in it.

I’ve made the mistake of using products that didn’t suit my skin type at all, even though it was meant for “all skin types”. I even looked through the ingredients and even though I found a few of the ingredients shady, I thought ‘hey I’ll give it a go since a YouTuber said it worked for him’. Just no, no, no. Don’t make the same mistake I did, I should have steered clear from that product because my skin is extra sensitive and doesn’t do too well with chemical or physical exfoliants.

The smell was so strong that it gave me a headache and it had an ingredient I’ll probably talk about in another post. These were all red flags that I shouldn’t have ignored at all. So be gentle with your skin, and even after a patch test, please go easy on using any new product. If you see minor signs of irritation, immediately discontinue the product before you get a reaction. It took a lot of time to calm the allergic reaction I developed (silly me, I over exfoliated even after the horrible experience with this ‘mysterious’ product), and it took dedication to heal the skin. Don’t over exfoliate, ever. It just irritates the skin and could cause damage and make it more sensitive to allergies and sun damage in the long run.

So please, stay away from over exfoliation. In my experience, nothing is more important than maintaining the natural barrier our skin provides. It’s nice to get rid of dead skin and dirt, but going overboard with this could cause more harm than benefit.

So all the skincare junkies out there, don’t give any product the benefit of doubt no matter how positive the reviews might be. Be as skeptical as you can, because this is your skin and everyone’s skin reacts differently. Take your time to incorporate a product into your routine. And less is always more. This is something I learned the hard way.

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